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    Views: 385 | Dimensions: 800x600px/23.4Kb
    Date: 2011-12-23 | Added by: tattoo
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    1 Deepak  
    Not to be uncouth here, but in a post where you're rinpipg on someone for their misuse of the English language it's rather hypocritical (and in my opinion makes you look pretty fucking dumb) that you can't even spell judgment correctly. Albeit you didn't get judgment permanently marked on your body, it's just as bad to rip someone on their English when they themselves cannot properly use it.a0I'll save you the hassle of the wikipedia education on proper spelling, but in the United States judgment is the only acceptable spelling in both legal and nonlegal contexts. While the British may use judgement in a nonlegal context, last I checked we fought them or something about two-hundred years ago to gain independence. Anyway, if you actually want a legitimate source I'll refer you toa0The New Fowler's Modern English Usage by Robert Burchfield.The irony of spell check is a beautiful thing is not lost on me, so thank you for actually making an entry that has a modicum of humor in it.I hope you actually read this comment to prevent any other errors of judgement in your posts.a0

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